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Small sets of seed processing equipment

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Small sets of seed processing equipment

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Seed processing complete sets of equipment:

Product introduction:

Performance features:

1 the whole design process is reasonable, the function is complete, the variable can be strong, easy to meet all kinds of different processing needs;

2 compact structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate, simple and beautiful, low construction cost, high degree of automation;

3 material conveying system overall design of closed-circuit visible, flexible connection, smooth, no mutual interference, a low rate of injury;

The 4.15 meter long self balanced horizontal vibration feeder, small vibration, stable and smooth conveying of materials;

5. Wind pipe and a feed pipe, surface by spraying processing, feed pipe is internally provided with a 3mm thick high density engineering plastics with liner pipeline sealing good, strong durability.

6 dust removal system three-dimensional configuration, small space, short line, pipeline loss, saving energy consumption, simple and beautiful;

7 control system adopts centralized control, manual and automatic two modes can be chosen, can automatically identify different processing technology and fault alarm, the operation of the equipment and the supply of material supply automation control in the domestic similar processing equipment.


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