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No.1 Central Document 2017 Issued

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No.1 Central Document 2017 Issued

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No.1 Central Document 2017, as China annual agriculture policy paper, was issued on February 5th, 2017.

According to the document, China will deepen supply-side structural reform in agriculture to cultivate new development engines for the sector.

For agricultural grain production, main strategy is:

Stabilize food grain supply, optimize economic crops structure, and enlarge forage crops production.

So what to grow in 2017?

Major food grains:

- Steady supply of paddy and wheat, especially high-quality rice and strong/weak gluten wheat.

- Reduce corn grain cultivation in non-optimal area.

- Increase the production of edible soybean, potato, other cereals and beans.

Economic crops:

Optimize the variety, quality and regional distribution of cotton, oil plants, sugar crops and horticultural crops.

Forage crops:

Enlarge forage crops planting area, especially for forage grass such as silage corn and alfalfa.

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